AMA Buddy for Apple Watch

The AMA Buddy app lets you use your Lifetime Fitness Active Metabolic Assessment on your Apple Watch. AMA Buddy lets you leverage your Active Metabolic Assessment every time, and every place, you exercise.

AMA Buddy Fetaures

Apple Watch

View assessment zones

The AMA Buddy watch app lists each hart rate zone’s beats per minute range, speed, and treadmill incline. You can view your zone information while working out too.

View warm-up steps

View the settings for each warm-up step.

View heart-rate zone during exercise

AMA Buddy’s workout feature displays your current metabolic zone so you always know how hard you’re working out.

Calculate calories burned using your assessment data

AMA Buddy calculates and displays how may calories you’ve burned based upon your Active Metabolic Assessment in addition to the calories calculated by the watch.

iPhone App

Workout Analytics

A complete workout history is saved to your iPhone where you can view a comprehensive metabolic analysis of each workout.

Integrated with Apple Health and Activity apps

AMA Buddy workouts are saved to the Apple Health and Activity apps too so your other health and fitness apps can use the workout information created by AMA Buddy.

For questions, comments, or help with AMA Buddy, please send a message using the contact form.

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